9 January, 2015

Canadian Newspaper: France’s Problems Are In Plain Sight

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“This attack – the deadliest terrorist attack on French soil in 50 years – may well pitch the country into profound crisis, because it crystallizes what everybody knows. France has a serious Muslim problem, a serious immigration problem and a serious terrorism problem…”

Why mention only Muslims? Jews have done even more harm to France (and to Europe) than Muslims have done. In fact, Jews are the reason Muslims are in Europe in the first place. Westerners hear about jihad almost daily. Now let them hear about jewhad [1].


[1] for decades, Jews in Europe pushed for liberal immigration laws

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  7. 3 Responses to “Canadian Newspaper: France’s Problems Are In Plain Sight”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Those Europeans should ask themselves: “Were our ancestors fools for bravely defending their countries against invading Muslim armies/navies in the Battle of Tours, the Battle of Lepanto and the Siege of Vienna? Or are WE the fools for allowing millions of those heathens to settle in our lands without even firing a single shot?”

    2. torrence Says:

      “Jews have done even more harm to France (and to Europe) than Muslims have done”
      Jews infiltrate and corrupt. On the surface, national life appears intact and on track. It is the insidious nature of Jewish influence that cloaks their nefarious influence.
      Muslims are frontal and self-exposing in their influence. They are not sly and deceptive as the Jew is. Their influence is limited to public reaction and visible protest, demonstration and, at times, violent confrontation. Very obvious to all.
      Easy to identify and deal with. Blacks in the US behave similarly.
      But with Jews…to deal with their influence, it is necessary to virtually eliminate public institutions, then re-construct them. To regain a lost population from Jewish media conditioning, an intense and comprehensive generation-long public re-education program is necessary to regain national values and cultural identity.
      It’s the Jews, silly.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, Torrence. Getting rid of those violent, lazy, clownish Blacks and Mexicans would not be too difficult but the Jewish menace is more subtle and insidious. There are fewer than 20 million Jews in the world but their influence takes on many forms, like a chimera. However, I think once the cleansing operation gets underway it will become easier to eliminate the Jews and Jew-Think.