17 June, 2015

America’s Pop Culture Champions Trannies and Other Freaks

Posted by Socrates in 'sex-change', 'transgender', Jane Austen, jewed culture, jewed media, jewed music, pop culture, pop culture vs. real culture, Socrates, trannies at 9:41 am | Permanent Link

Your country can have a real culture, passed down from generation to generation, cherishing and nurturing old traditions and values, or it can have a pop culture run by the media and by popular celebrities. Sadly, America has the latter. We have a culture that is all about the latest trends in music, TV, movies and in society in general. To quote Jane Austen, our culture is just a “quick succession of busy nothings” produced by Jews.


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  7. One Response to “America’s Pop Culture Champions Trannies and Other Freaks”

    1. fd Says:

      Cyrus is promoting a phony sex campaign to help launch her Happy Hippie Foundation. So Cyrus is a lackey to the Jews, and a government agent by default. She wants to conquer nature.

      I should tell Cyrus that activism and dissension was incompatible with hippie culture. The laid-back, leaderless, poor boy, White culture didn’t want much of anything beyond ‘peace man’. Willie Nelson brought the cowboys, hippies and rednecks together with music, not by waging war on nature.