1 July, 2015

Jews: the Engine, or Just Boxcars?

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Heard: a mention of some statistics involving Jews in politics, philosophy, etc. For example, Jews were mentioned as being “only” 15% of the activists in the political Left in America. Yeah, that’s probably true, but what they didn’t mention was that that’s the top 15%. In other words, the Jews were driving the Left. Leading it. Same with the Bolsheviks. You hear that Jews made up “only” 10% of the Bolshevik ranks, but they were the top 10%. They were the train’s engine, not just boxcars following behind it.

  • 2 Responses to “Jews: the Engine, or Just Boxcars?”

    1. Mike Says:

      Short and to the point. Very good. Take care.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      To use an analogy, jews are in control of the locomotive and taking us passengers where we don’t want to go. Perhaps the only solution, and not a very elegant one, is to derail the engine. Events beyond our control may do that anyway.