29 July, 2015

The U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve: Why Does America Have Both?

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From Wikipedia: “The Treasury of a country is the department responsible for the country’s economy, finance and revenue.” Okay. Why, then, does America have, in a sense, two treasuries? The U.S. Treasury prints America’s money. After that, the Federal Reserve system takes over, controlling and distributing the money. Why doesn’t the U.S. Treasury do that? Why is our money being handled twice: once by the Treasury and then by the Federal Reserve, which is actually a private bank (with shareholders)? Why do we need two treasuries? The answer is: we don’t need two. But Jews control the Federal Reserve system and therefore control America’s money, and, by default, other things related to the money, like the rates of inflation and interest, and big financial bailouts like with insurance corporation AIG. Sure, the Jews and the shareholders make a profit, but it isn’t about profit per se [1]. It’s about control: who controls America’s money. For example, you can’t “cycle” the economy unless you control the money and the inflation and interest rates.


[1] no one knows exactly how much profit the Fed makes per year, since it has never been audited – a curious fact given that it has existed for over 100 years

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