30 November, 2015

German Court: Germany Has Become a De Facto Dictatorship

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When a “democratic” ruler no longer obeys the laws, and just does whatever he/she pleases, you have a dictatorship; granted, this judge didn’t actually use the word “dictatorship.” But he didn’t have to. (Related: recall Chile under the “democratically elected” Allende circa 1973, when he was ignoring the laws and seizing private property).


  • 2 Responses to “German Court: Germany Has Become a De Facto Dictatorship”

    1. fd Says:

      Germany has been a dictatorship from 1945 forward. Perpetual occupation with no chance of freedom.

    2. Chandala Says:

      The whole frickin EU is a dictatorship. Germany is just the part of the EU dictatorship that is being jerked around by the flunky EU minion named Angela Merkel.

      The whole EU project was created by unelected unnamed unknown unaccountable power mad megalomaniacs who are only concerned with their own power but they were able to sell the the idea of the EU to a gullible naive uninformed European public with false promises and because they were able to strong-arm European countries because they already had financial control over those countries. The Globalist elites who run the EU have no concern for what happens to the people of Europe.