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9 March, 2022

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As you read this, note the vicious nature of the Salvador Allende faction. Vicious Marxists! The Allende faction was prepared to kill many people in Chile. But luckily, the Sept. 11, 1973 coup happened first, and Allende was removed from power. As I noted earlier, Allende had illegally created a “secret communist army” inside Chile […]

21 January, 2022

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There are 4 countries with large White populations in South America [1]. They must remain stable, or Marxism could emerge in those countries and spread to nearby countries. The far-leftist Gabriel Boric won the election in Chile in 2021 and he will become president in March 2022. There are people who warn that Boric will […]

23 July, 2021

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(Above: Salvador Allende). When it comes to the Left, there’s always a Jew in the wood pile, hiding somewhere, hoping that no one will discover him/her. You knew that the Chilean president Salvador Allende (1908-1973) was a communist creep who destroyed Chile in 1972/1973, before Pinochet kicked his ass. But guess what? Allende was also […]

17 November, 2020

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When a liberal gives a speech, the first and last words out of his mouth are “democracy” (and every 10th word in the speech is also “democracy”) [1]. Indeed, liberals toss the word “democracy” around like confetti at a parade — in fact, I think liberals actually have orgasms if they use the word “democracy” […]

30 November, 2015

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When a “democratic” ruler no longer obeys the laws, and just does whatever he/she pleases, you have a dictatorship; granted, this judge didn’t actually use the word “dictatorship.” But he didn’t have to. (Related: recall Chile under the “democratically elected” Allende circa 1973, when he was ignoring the laws and seizing private property). [Article].