14 November, 2015

The Terrorist Attacks in France, or, When Western Countries Are Run by Idiots

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Hey, Europe, how’s that “diversity” thing working out for ya? Starting to wonder if letting millions of Muslims into your interior was a good idea? Hmmmm? Need some time to think about it? [1].


[1] this assumes that the attacks in France weren’t false-flag operations carried out by non-Muslims; of course, they could have been

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    1. me Says:

      Hei, just in, apparently two of them had syrian passports and were registered in greece as immigrants! will charlie hebdo (owned by jews) and made fun of the russians that died in the plane cras, make fun of the french now?

      there was a photo with french president with the FSA flag behind him. FSA(rebel group that wants to take out assad) and is hand in hand with isis, that worked well for him

    2. Col. Peiper Says:

      Yes, it is a false flag…This is no doubt to gain sympathy of all western nations to “remove” the CIA/Mossad bogey man Isil, and topple the Assad regime as well for their Internationalist Jew controllers.

    3. Luke Says:

      Come on, me. Engage your brain.

      They are running the same idiotic template this time that they ran over on the American idiots after 9-11. Remember the fireproof passport tale, where the jew neocons told us that a passport somehow flew out of the jacket pocket of one of their phony 19 Arabs who was on board one of the planes that they claimed hit the Twin Towers? A paper passport, flies out the Arab’s pocket, emerges from the ensuing fireball brought on by the impact – unscathed – then flutters across the Jew York Shitty skyline, and floats gently down to Earth, and comes to rest on top of a pile of rubble – to be conveniently ‘discovered’ by a passerby who probably had a gigantic hook in his nose – and who then turned it over to the authorities, who then used it as ‘proof’ to support the official jew narrative of 19 cave dwelling goat herders outsmarting the entire US Military, the Pentagon, NORAD, the CIA, the FBI and NSA to pull off 9-11?

      Now, we are being fed a tale about paper passports being suicide bomb proof and you still are not suspicious?

      Regardless of whether the Paris thing was a legitimate false flag or a legitimate act of terrorism – it makes no difference either way, because it is very clear that the neo-cons are trying to leverage this event by planting phony evidence to implicate Syria so as to snooker the stupid nose picking American public into changing their minds on supporting another US military invasion of Syria. Which Americans overwhelmingly rejected and told them HELL NO just 2 years ago.

    4. nom de kwa Says:

      It looks like the Jews are stampeding the herds of mudlims into Europe in order to evacuate them from the middle east in order to destroy the White race and grab up the oil fields

    5. nom de kwa Says:

      The herd of refugees need to be sic’d on the shitty, after all isn’t that pile of rubble know as a holy shit land the home of mudslims second most holy shrine? The mosque of Omar. That acronym they use just has to be a kike concoction because it outlines all most to a blueprint of the holy shit text instructions for a jew kingdom from the rivers of Egypt to the Euphrates.

    6. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Unless you repent, and return to the Scriptures, you will likewise perish.

      Our prayers are with France, but she abandoned the Scriptures long ago.

      Unless you repent, and return to the Scriptures, you will likewise perish.

    7. Thom McQueen Says:

      Goddammit, Mustang, just google the “Thirty Years War.”

      You have Catholics and Protestants acting like Isis. Even more so, over the top.

      You Christian nudist bitch.

    8. nom de kwa Says:

      Yeah Paris is no stranger to blood in the streets, remember the St. Bartholomew day massacre of the Huguenots , or the French revolution massacre of the aristocrats being guillotined. Not to forget the wholesale slaughter of the Cathars ordered by the pope and carried out by the Jesuits.
      How about all those French women who cohabited with German soldiers having them stripped and hair shorn. The kikes run Paris

    9. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Now that the dust has settled somewhat, it’s apparent that Israel’s vassal states the JewSA along with other NATO nations are saber rattling and threatening ground troops ostensibly to defeat ISIS. We all know the ground troops will be used primarily to defeat Assad’s army and remove Assad in keeping with Izzy’s strategy in “A Clean Break”.

      We must ask ourselves “who benefits”, and as usual, the shitty little state of Israhell stands to reap the rewards of this atrocity and any forthcoming intervention by the decrepit, corrupt and multiracial states of the formerly white West.

      The surest way to defeat ISIS is to expel Muslim populations from the West which will eliminate their ability to project power in white nations. But that isn’t good for the kikenvermin.

    10. aa Says:

      Who is this ISIS outfit ? A ghost army funded by the Federals XXX.

      They’re baaack—Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus.

      Napolean / France. It seems that Napolean was a forerunner to Hitler in the sense he wanted to unite Europe. Mister N. had the same trouble in Russia as the German army.

    11. aa Says:

      My comment is awaiting moderation.

    12. fd Says:

      I placed “aa” in the name space instead of fd by accident.

    13. me Says:

      You are right Luke! Tonight apparently there was suppose to be another terrorist act, this time in germany, some car, and a package… French president urged all EU to help him fight isis now.. since some did nothing i think we will see soon enough more of this events to make the public accept it, maybe it be eu boots on ground or us, will make no difference… What are your thoughts on Russia though? It appears to be that russian are like a fish bone that gets stuck in the neck of the west, as they can’t to their way in syria.

      Here’s a funny video for you:
      Neocon Lindsey Graham gets owned by general Dempsey on ISIS issue


    14. fd Says:

      Hello Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus !

      Christianity was spread with fire and sword across Europe. The first religion to convert on the pain of death. Christian wars killed off a 3d of the European population. The Inquisitors would sit at tables and witness mass executions of pagans.

      Ancient White paganism ( Astro Theology)

    15. nom de kwa Says:

      Appears to me that the two variants of jewism, xianity and mudlimism are to be fused and a new cult of jew worship to be the spin off.. The jews plan to use their proxy goys to totally evacuate the middle east the Nile to the Tigris, and establish jew headquarters their to control the planet by black mail, Russian and all other sources of crude oil and natural gas will have to turned into glass parking lots, the jew ass oh vey will be the jew capital of the West, with headquarters in Jew Dork Shitty,

    16. nom de kwa Says:

      You might say, to paraphrase Henry IV of France a Huguenot who sold out “Paris was worth a massacre”

    17. nom de kwa Says:

      Notice that just like 9-11 the response of the so called market casinos like NYSE get a kick start from the event, and the oil prices go up, just look for the silverstein lining

    18. fd Says:

      All the phony governments in Europe may cause a great warrior to rise up that motivates like minded people to build a White army that seizes a large territory to operate from. A leader that says, don’t worry about the conversation just get it on. It’s time for the rise of spirit. North America needs a leader too. One that wants to conquer enemies of White people but has no ambition to be a depraved politician.

    19. nom de kwa Says:

      Here is some Op-Whining by a jew in our local jew rag:


      It’s frustrating to watch (our leaders) wring their hands and wonder how to prevent terrorists attacks in this country. It doesn’t take a genius to determine that they can only be prevented by stopping terrorism at its origin. In order to do that , it is necessary to put troops on the ground in Iraq. It should be further obvious that the only nation that can do this is the United States. We have more than100,000 troops in Germany and Japan doing nothing except spending tax payers money. Lets pull them out and send 20,000 to Iraq and get rid of ISIS. We should also take 10,000 of these troops and assign them to our Southern border.
      All our leaders are doing is talking. When we get hit, they will again wring their hands and wonder what happened. It’s take to get serious about stopping these attacks.