13 June, 2016

Unintentionally Funny TV Journalists

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A news reporter on the TV said, concerning the Florida nightclub mass-shooting by Muslim gunman Omar Mateen (paraphrasing): “we must now come together as a nation.” Hah-hah! Really? As a “nation”?? Newbies, this reporter doesn’t know what the word “nation” means. Apparently, he thinks “nation” and “country” are the same thing. Nope! A country is a place found on a map. It can be made up of many different types of people. But a nation is a group of people who are alike. The Japanese, for example, are a nation. So are the Sioux Indians of the Midwest. America hasn’t been a nation for a long, long time, and, thanks to immigration, it’s becoming less of a nation each day [1].

[1] some people might argue that America has never been a nation, but since America’s founders were 99% WASPs (White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant), that argument doesn’t work

  • 2 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny TV Journalists”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      “We must come together as a nation”, what a bunch of crap! Exactly the same meaningless phrase has been used in the jewK whenever there is a mudslim outrage.

    2. fd Says:

      National domain, national authority and national security in America is nothing more than Federal tyranny.

      What about statehood and state security? There is none. The creature on the Potomac brings misery to the states at each and every given opportunity — Federal terrorism.