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26 August, 2020

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by Wayne Allensworth. “The American core, then, is Anglo.” (True. America is 90% WASP). “We lack such precise terminology, to the detriment of our ability to defend ourselves. That which must be defended must be named. As noted above, the time when “American” was taken to mean primarily the George Washington-Betsy Ross-Daniel Boone prototype and […]

16 July, 2019

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If you have studied America’s history, you know that America was founded by White Anglo Saxon Protestant men (118 of them, to be precise) [1][2]. Therefore, Black and Brown people are not true Americans, nor are Jews or Asians [3]. Why are Americans taking orders from — i.e., being ruled by — non-White people? They […]

18 July, 2018

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Just what does Hayden think the word “nation” means? A nation is not a country! Not! A nation is “a group of people who are alike.” The Japanese people are a nation (they also have their own country, which can be called a “nation-state”) and so are the Sioux Indians of the American Midwest. So […]

13 June, 2016

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A news reporter on the TV said, concerning the Florida nightclub mass-shooting by Muslim gunman Omar Mateen (paraphrasing): “we must now come together as a nation.” Hah-hah! Really? As a “nation”?? Newbies, this reporter doesn’t know what the word “nation” means. Apparently, he thinks “nation” and “country” are the same thing. Nope! A country is […]

19 June, 2009

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White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) = too-polite idiots who exalt “secondary, minor virtues over the chief ones, the real ones.” To a WASP, holding a door open for a woman or ordering the right brand of scotch always comes before naming the Jew. One must have his priorities straight! While Germanics worry about the important things […]