18 October, 2016

Yet Another World War II Movie

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Only the Jew won World War II. The self-chosen gained enormous political and financial power as a result of WWII. They also got their own country: Israel.
Anyway, the Jews — like Harry Dexter White and Bernard Baruch — got America into WWII, but you never hear that, you only hear about how those brave American soldiers kicked evil Nazi and less-evil Jap ass. Granted, this movie (directed by Mel Gibson) seems a little different than most WWII movies – one webpage said it has anti-war themes. If so, good.


  • 3 Responses to “Yet Another World War II Movie”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      This sounds like a great movie!

      Every single goddamn White man should have been a conscientious objector.

      They should have objected to killing their racial kinsmen in Europe.

    2. fd Says:

      The Federals pass out medals like door prizes, especially if the killing is fratricidal.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Napoleon said, “I have found out that men will do the most outlandish things, so that I can pin a ribbon on their chest.”