19 January, 2017

Things for President Donald Trump to Consider Doing (Besides Building the Southern Border Wall)

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– Creating a Moratorium on Immigration into America

– Abolishing or Amending Affirmative Action (it’s unconstitutional and racist against Whites; it restricts freedom of association)

– Abolishing or Amending the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 (they’re unconstitutional and racist against Whites; they restrict freedom of association)

– Abolishing the Federal Reserve System (it’s inflationary by default)

– Abolishing the 1996 Lautenberg Anti-Gun Law (it’s unconstitutional, i.e., a misdemeanor crime conviction voids your Second Amendment rights)

– Declare, in writing, that America is a Western country; furthermore, declare that America must reject multiculturalism because it is incompatible with Western culture

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  7. 7 Responses to “Things for President Donald Trump to Consider Doing (Besides Building the Southern Border Wall)”

    1. k9 Says:

      here here…..pip pip !!!as they say,,,,
      going to be a wild ride me thinks..thanks mr LINDER …..

    2. Emily Henderson Says:

      Good on all….the fourth one is the one that got two US President’s murdered, more than likely.
      So do all the others first.
      And add cleaning up US Intelligence and the way the US interacts within the Jewish dominated World Bank.

    3. Joe Says:

      I fear we are about to witness a redux of the CIA-MOSSAD-DEEP-STATE scenario on President-elect Trump that was done to JKF. He is a square peg in their round hole of total corruption. May the god of Truth prove me wrong… but, I see no other logical outcome than such an attempt. If it does happen, we must all pounce on the opportunity to corral and NAME those responsible. The proof – no matter how concealed – will be evident to those who are thinking and perceptive.

    4. fd Says:

      The nonconformist dismisses the ancient Federal ritual styled Inauguration that transfers power to a new leader: Shakespeare says much ado about nothing; a biker says f–k off; a hippies says don’t push your trip on me, and I won’t push mine on you; a Texas rodeo hood says don’t walk up sweatin’ on me MF; f–k with the bull, you get the horn.

      The coarse mobs and fanatics have designated a new leader to insult for the next 4 years.

      The Clinton and Trump families have married into what is described as the so-called ‘German Jewish patrician class’ of New York city.

      Will Trump abolish direct income tax slavery? Never.

    5. Bigduke6 Says:

      If any misfortune should befall President Donald J. Trump let it be known the Jews are responsible. And the Jews will have to hold the responsibility for their nefarious intrigues.

    6. Chandala Says:

      Free, one-way trips back to Africa, Israel, Mexico, Somalia, …

    7. Bessie May Mucho Says:

      Get rid of PBS. Or at least make it politically neutral like it was supposed to be. Tort reform. Shut down the lawsuit lottery.