12 February, 2017


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What bullshit: the queer lobby keeps adding letters to their acronym to make it seem like lots of people are queer. That’s false: only about 1% of the population is queer, if that many. Their acronym used to be LGBT. Now it’s LGBTQIA+. It keeps growing! Next it’ll be LGBTQIA+WTNMWKLFRBZSDPYTA. By the way, newbies, the queer lobby is overwhelmingly Jewish: almost every queer leader is, or was, a Jew.


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  7. 3 Responses to “LGBTQ? PBBBBBTT!”

    1. Los_Tercios Says:

      They attack us everywhere.

    2. Joe lowsac Says:

      Another group of rejects washes up on the Island of Misfit Degenerates.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      Y’all are just wrong-I heard on tv that if you were born a petite White lady, but you feel like a ginormous black tranny inside, you can be one.
      And it’s totally natural-with a combo of hormones, and surgery to remove and reconstruct body parts.

      *Disclaimer-comment may be sarcastic.

      Lesbian Gay Bacon Lettuce Tomato Oy Vey