21 April, 2017

Race-Mixing in TV Commercials

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Do you have a relative who still watches TV? Why not suggest to him/her: “unplug your TV and read books instead. It’ll save your brain and save you money, too.”

The Jews on Madison Avenue (i.e., the advertising industry located in New York City) apparently think it’s big fun to create domestic-themed TV commercials featuring mixed-race couples (very often, the wife is White but the husband is Black; they’re usually sitting at a table, happily munching on fast food; a variation of that is a White mother hugging/doting on her child of questionable ethnicity). This sickening, anti-White trend is getting worse and worse every year. (Today, 90% of all TV commercials have negroes in them, yet Blacks make up only 12% of the U.S. population – figure that one out!).

[Video] and [Article].

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  7. 6 Responses to “Race-Mixing in TV Commercials”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      It could be said that there is more than one reason they call it television ‘programming’.

      The disproportionate racial representation of blacks = to keep them ever present in the consciousness of Whites, who otherwise would not be around them; and if they are, what they see is quite different than the cuddly negro teddy bears on the tv-who are usually quite mixed and nothing like the normal knee grow you encounter walking down an urban street.

      And their behavior toward Whites is not as it is in real life, either. The snarling ‘get off my sidewalk Whitey’ response to all Whiteness they encounter is not represented, either.

      The first time I saw one of these commercials was a long time ago, and I thought they were kidding. It was two teenage White girls going nuts over ‘Puff Daddy’. He is-if you’ve been fortunate enough not to have seen him-a dark, greasy, ugly nigga. The girls were pretty and blonde. I thought, ‘hahahaha, ya rite!’
      Ah, but (((they))) were not kidding. They were ‘programming’.

    2. Keer on Says:

      Emily Henderson, David James? You’ve got to be kidding me!

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      Keer: Noun – Persian word for “penis”; however, extremely derogatory.


    4. Verum Says:

      The bombardment of these commercials has really picked up lately. I’ve seen two new examples within the last week. Notice that it’s always a black man with a white woman with mixed child(ren). One commercial with a white man and a black woman with a mixed child is made for every 15 black man white woman commercials in an attempt to somehow racially balance and legitimize them. Why is it always a black man and a white woman? why can’t it be other ethnicities maybe an Asian with an Indian or whatever other combinations possible? These commercials are racist in their sheer quantity and lack of representing other ethnicities. The Jews on Madison Avenue have their target market selected and the black man and a white woman are in their crosshairs. Boycotting the products and services offered by corporations choosing to Market their products in this manner is the only way it will cease.

    5. Wulf Says:

      I have seen quite a few of these ads and it’s getting more prolific. It just makes my skin crawl. Sometime I actually see a mixed race couple in the supermarket now, so it is unfortunately working to a slight degree. I don’t see it gaining traction, it totally goes against nature. Speaking of TV, I have noticed the ads in general seem more and more or perhaps I’m just getting sick of watching lol. There is so much propaganda from climate change, Holocaust, gay marriage to the “war on terror” which is just an excuse to take all our human rights away. They the Jewish bankers desperately want to wipe out all western White Nationalism and us as well because we are the ones who have repeatedly expelled them for their treasonous and disgusting acts and subversion. We must be proud of who we are because if we do we can easily beat them. One only has to look, our race has given the world every modern convenience, education, architecture and dare I say respect for each other, something you just don’t see in overpopulated backward nations.

    6. Python Swoope Says:

      USA Insurance thinks their “Williams ad” – with the little pickaninnies sells their insurance – NOT!