11 April, 2017

The Jewing of Anthropology

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(Above: the Jewish “scientist” and race-denier Franz Boas. It was recently discovered that Boas produced fraudulent work [surprise!]).

Before it became corrupted, there used to be an honest scientific field known as Physical Anthropology (i.e., the study of man). Then around 1900 came some new baloney known as Cultural Anthropology, which is a whole different thing. Cultural Anthropology rejects the idea that race is important and biological. Cultural Anthropology is mostly about fake Jewish or Marxist “scientists” trying to convince people that all of the human cultures are equally important (but of course they’re not. White Western culture is superior) [1][2][3]. Cultural Anthropology is now considered to be a legitimate part of anthropology even though it was founded by liars and race-deniers.


[1] Cultural Anthropology was pioneered by Jewish race-hucksters such as Franz Boas (often called “the Father of American Anthropology” – there’s a scary thought), Claude Levi-Strauss and Ashley Montagu. “Race” doesn’t exist, those Jews say, or, if it does exist, it’s meaningless. But that’s baloney. The truth is that “race” is the prime reason why White Western countries rule the world and Black countries are third-world toilets. Thanks to those idiots, roughly half of all anthropologists today believe that “race” doesn’t really exist – can you imagine that? That’s akin to weathermen not believing in the existence of rain. (Here’s a question to ask an anthropologist: “why are all the least-successful countries, without exception, Black or Brown”? Newbies, the continent of Africa is in much worse condition today precisely because most of the Whites left Africa by 1980)

[2] “By 1926 every major department of anthropology was headed by Boas’s students, the majority of whom were Jewish.” — Dr. Kevin MacDonald, in his important book “The Culture of Critique”; see page 25

[3] Allow me to say something about the denial of race or creed: the Communist Party has long said (as late as 2001, judging by web searches) that all humans are equal regardless of race, creed, sex, etc., so what does that make Boas and his followers? Right. They’re all Marxists, even though they would surely deny that. If you believe in human equality, then you’re a Marxist, whether you know it or admit it or not; egalitarianism is part of the “standard Marxist worldview”; the top Soviet official and theoretician Nikolai Bukharin, for example, wrote this way back in 1920: “Should the Russian worker and the Russian peasant look upon the Germans, the French, the British, the Jews, the Chinese, or the Tartars, as enemies, irrespective of the class to which these belong? Are the Russian workers and peasants entitled to hate or to regard with suspicion those who belong to another nation, for the sole reason that these latter speak a different tongue, that their skins are black or yellow, that they have different customs and laws? Obviously, this would be quite wrong. The German workers, the French workers, the Negro workers, are just as much proletarians as the Russians are.” (bold text is mine) That was very uncommon thinking in 1920, when “racism” was the norm. Such thinking isn’t surprising, however, when you realize what communism was designed to be: an attack on White Western civilization; it’s Karl Marx’s bad luck that communism didn’t take hold in the West, as he had hoped, at least not officially; unofficially it’s been here awhile

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    1. fd Says:

      Racists anthropologist Carleton Stephen Coon based his studies on race, whereas Boas and his Jewish followers insisted that observation and environment was the only true way to uncover the difference in groups of people.

      Haiti blows the environment argument out of the water. When the French controlled Haiti, it was the most prosperous island in the Caribbean. Today, Haiti has the same weather and environment and is the most poverty stricken place among the islands in the same sea.

      Anyway, the Jews have removed Carleton Stephen Coon from World Book Encyclopedia and others.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Haiti was where the blacks revolted and massacred all the Whites who didnt manage
      To escape. All the mulattos too because the mixed ones were killed by the other blacks
      Because they were the “house niggers” who could be in Massas house.
      That was resented by the field darkies. To the point of murder. These monkeys never
      change and are as predictable as rain if you just plan on violence stupidity
      and general bad behavior.
      Thats what i noticed about most of the places in the American South.
      Anything run by Niggers was run down looking. It was worse in St.Louis
      and Kansas City. Third world Shitholes right here in America!
      Heres a solution for braindead brainwashed college kids who are white Liberals.
      Make them live in a black or brown ghetto for 2 years and if they survive i bet
      They turn into conservatives or even one of us.

      Thats if they live which is unlikely. Submerge these commies among the
      Subhumans they proclaim to love. If they die its no loss. They were self hating
      Whites just out of Marxist College America.

    3. fd Says:

      English ships anchored offshore supplied arms to Haitian Negroes for the purpose of killing the White French. In the following century, the Federals unleashed ultra modern Negro armies on the North American continent for the purpose of killing Whites in the South and finally Europe too. Whites are their own worst enemy.

    4. Tina Carter Says:


      That is not correct. Haitians (both native aboriginal, african, and mulatoo) were second class citizen.

      Like it or not we French (I am pure breed European French) were trying to kill them, and small number them survivor as slave. They (colored people) get out smarted us, and we lost.

      Most white go baitshit when non-white kill, but somehow it is okay to kill native american. Stop with hypocrisy. Face the fact, it’s us verse them. Putting down enemy doesn’t change reality.

      You may not like Jews, but fact of the matter is they are smarter than white, clever than us, how else they are in control and rest of us are here?

      The way we (French) have written about it is quite different. In any case it has been proven time & time again Jews have higher I.Q than Aryan/Caucasian.

      I know most of you hate to hear this but this is true, this is why they always come on top and take control of our society.

      Anyway, this whole subject is a distraction. As Michael Scheuer the Ex-CIA stated Israel is cancer to our foreign policy — I would say jews are cancer to a whole humanity.

      PS: I have worked in bio-field. I.Q as used in American system is total none-sense. Mind you USA is the only country that does not have universal health care system, and people are trained to hate it.

      Anthropology & Psychology jews infested fields… Don’t bother with it.

      Stick to real fact Jews control our media, and our current political system is their tool to destroy our civilization. White/Western, men women and child are helping them for our destruction. That’s ought to tell you how low European IQ is compare to Jews.

      Forget worrying about Blacks, Asian, etc.. Jews is the cancer, his media is a disease.

    5. fd Says:

      Tina Carter, did you forget to take your medication? First of all, Jews never had the ability to build civilization. They’re parasites in every host nation they live. All of their knowledge has come from visual instruction from whatever country they infest. They have no language of their own — no magnificent civilization they can call their own. The artificial state styled Israel is an abomination. An embarrassment to the world. All of this is strict proof that Jews do not have a higher I Q than White people. Jews practice the art of deception. It’s easy to pass a test when your given all the answers by those who build civilization.

      All I said about Haiti is that everything went down after the French were forced out. And it is a big true the Haitians were supplied with arms by the British.

    6. fd Says:

      Israel is a welfare state. How many billions do they receive from whoever every year. Those people are physically and emotionally inferior. Excuse me while I throw up……

    7. Tina Carter Says:


      Pot calling the kettle black. If you were a normal human being I would have suggested that you take some medication, but since you are a by product of a Alabama Wedding….

      Try using condom when you are having sex with your sister. We don’t need another filth in our precious race like George Bush with room temperature I.Q.

      “Jews do not have a higher I Q than White people.”

      Please provide proof your statement.

      Just because you hate your enemy does not mean they are “stupid”, “weak”, or even “cowards”.

      An average difference between white & non-white.

      15-point higher than Blacks.
      10-point lower than Jews
      5-point lower than Asian

      Following paragraph is from Edward Steel Book: Defensive Racism. You can download it for free. But I suspect you are one of those uneducated american who gets angry at the very thought that anyone can be superior to white. Well, too bad for you because world doesn’t run by your rules.

      Defensive Racism: An Unapologetic Examination of Racial Differences
      Edgar J. Steele
      Page 20

      “There is an average 15-point IQ difference between American Whites and American Blacks. Take it to the bank. A l l the studies confirm this. My own life experience bears witness to this fact and so does yours, if you are honest, regardless of your skin color. More about this later. That does not make Whites superior to Blacks. Year in and year out, Kenyans win the Boston Marathon because they are superior long distance runners. Whites have IQs superior to
      those possessed by Blacks, on average. Which racial characteristic is better? The honest answer depends upon a great many things, not the least of which is whether you are being chased by a lion.

      Let me say it again: Whites are not superior to Blacks because the average White IQ is 15 points higher. Just as Blacks are not superior because the average Black can run faster and jump higher than the average White. Just as a different skin color does not make one person superior to another. Nor are Jews superior because their average IQ is about 10 points higher than the average White.
      Nor are Asians superior their average IQ is about 5 points higher than the average White.”

      I have studied in French University, as well as American. Just go out and look at how many Jews are in the university as oppose to White European.

      There is a reason they control media, entertainment industry, banking, and even control our politicians.

      Heck they even marry in White nationalist families, and than use this very movement to do their bidding!

      That’s what it means when we talk about higher I.Q.

      It’s people like you who voted for fools for Trump rather than realizing the whole system is rigged.

      By the way we French lost the war when we were abusing the slave. Just as you American lost the war against Black Slave and ignited war against the South killed millions of fellow white Americans.

      Since you are a dropout school loser, perhaps you should take sometime and read few books written by fellow white nationalists that is when you are not watching incestuous sex ring porn Alabama style.

      Reference about Alabama Citizen like fd:
      Alabama woman sentenced to 219 years in prison for incestuous underage sex ring


    8. fd Says:

      Old Texas axiom: Never mud wrestle with a pig. You both get up dirty and the pig likes it.

      The vulgar mind of Tina Carter hates Alabama — hates the Southern nation — hates the Dixie Battle flag.

      That Carter would school me on race doesn’t pass the laugh test.

      Jews have nothing behind them but air. They stand on the shoulders of thousands of years of White geniuses.

      Founders of culture — Bearers of culture — Destroyers of culture. Aryans are at the top of the list. In extreme contrast, Jews are the destroyers of culture. Everything is ruined in their hands. Interlopers who poison their host nation.

      Carter (a crypto Jew) can’t prove that Jews have a higher IQ than Whites because the over-whelming world accomplishments belong to Whites, whereas the Jew is a copycat.