28 May, 2017

Texas: Increasing the Fag Propaganda, or, the God of Equality Strikes Again

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Human equality: a sick idea that isn’t even possible, since humans vary greatly, even within the same race and within the same family. Anyway, some high-schoolers are only 14 years old, for hell’s sake (i.e., freshmen) and already they’re getting “queered up”! The absolute worst thing a parent can do is send their children to a public school. Homeschool your kids. The queer lobby is going to push homosexuality until every person in America views faggotry as “normal” (instead of viewing it as the disease-ridden lifestyle that it is).


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    1. J├╝rgen Says:


      Speaking of government schools,
      have you seen this new trend where
      they want niggers to have their own
      graduation ceremonies, dykes to have
      their own safe rooms, etc?

      Weird as this is, it is FUCKING GREAT!
      Yes, let’s segregate these low-lives from
      White people.

      So here is what I think White Nationalists
      should do: let’s play along with this and
      actually ENCOURAGE it for, say, six months,
      to let it sink in to this sick jewed country.
      And THEN, after six months, we spring on
      them everywhere demanding WHITE ONLY
      VENUES everywhere.