14 July, 2017

What If America Had an Honest Money System, Instead of a Jewish-Run Shell Game?

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Big Bank Jew #1: “I got rich by ‘Quantitatively Easing it’ into goy rear ends. They borrow more money with QE. Who would have thought that you could get filthy rich by creating and moving electronic money from one computer to another computer? Heh, heh. It isn’t even real money. It’s air money that we created with a couple of keystrokes! Stupid goyim.”

Big Bank Jew #2: “I got rich, too. The goyim just obediently bent over and grabbed their ankles, and wow, QE was so ‘easy’, heh, heh.”

Big Bank Jew #3: “Me, too. I raked in millions. The old shell game still works!”

Little goy man: “My money is worth less thanks to Quantitative Easing because it artificially increases the money supply [1]. What if White people controlled America’s money instead of Jews?”


[1] more of “X” (“X” can be anything, e.g., pencils, wrenches or money) makes “X” automatically worth less

  • 4 Responses to “What If America Had an Honest Money System, Instead of a Jewish-Run Shell Game?”

    1. Jürgen Says:


      Convert your jew notes into something REAL
      before the “dollar” collapses. There is still time.

    2. wulf Says:

      I agree. There could be one more sell off in gold down to $1170. But it’s been in a bear market for 5 years so the odds are it will turn up soon. Everything else is in a bubble so I doubt you’d have much to loose and more to gain buy buying gold and or silver even now. Interest rates appear to be rising. There is 10s maybe a hundred or more Trillion in Bonds (Debt). If interest rates rise, meaning bonds sell off money will flow into commodities esp Gold. Something to keep an eye on. Good luck, stay strong, stand up, Speak Up : )

    3. fd Says:

      Good advice, Jürgen. Mister H. called it worthless democratic paper money. Our enemies are sure to have several backup schemes to maintain the criminal international monetary system. They are a desperate people who want to maintain the status quo. The money powers know they will go down with the house of cards.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      If we had Honest Money none of us would be living in the current Jew Run
      United Snakes of Amerikwa.