17 August, 2017

Confusing the Rubes

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The political Left has Nazi roots? That’s a new one (not) [1][2]. The American Left was built almost entirely by Jews. Why don’t we talk about that instead?


[1] actually, “Nazism is leftism” propaganda has been around for awhile, for the benefit of the rubes and hicks of course. However, recall that Mussolini’s final version of fascism (the PNF party; see below) was right-wing, and ditto the world’s other fascist movements. Indeed, Hitler, Pelley, G. L. Rockwell, Franco, Salazar, Pinochet and Videla could hardly be called “left-wingers”

[2] (a footnote of mine from 2008): fascism – not the type found in the confused, semi-leftist Fascio di Combattimento of 1919, but the later, perfected version of it found in the Partito Nazionale Fascista (PNF) – was a logical reaction to leftist revolutionaries and to modernism in general. Yet today, sneaky Jews go around saying that fascism is “left-wing” in order to prevent conservatives from looking to Hitler’s Germany for solutions to the problems of the West. Make no mistake, newbies: fascism is right-wing, although it has a few features that are also found on the Left, e.g., “big government”

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    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      It’s classic disinfo, but does bring up some interesting stuff:

      Firstly, one correct assertion is that the left operates in a ‘groupthink’ or ‘fascist’ faction. You have this on the right as well, but the left claims to be be pro ‘freethough’ while telling you which thoughts you’re not free to have.

      Secondly, the left violence from some of the more radical groups is very fascist in nature–gonna make you skeered to think wrongly, in other words…while yelling, ‘no fascists’. Kinda odd.

      Thirdly, since they mentioned the running over of people (something I don’t condone except in self-defense)–the tanks at Waco ran over children, men, women, elderly, after torturing them for 51 days. Kinda funny how people forget about that.

      Clive Doyle on tyranny:

    2. Emily Henderson Says:

      *^^meant to say ‘fashion’, not faction. Pardon meh.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      *^^Should also mention what I’m referencing: Peter Gent I think it was, was run over by tanks, his red sweater caught in the tire treads, and many others in the building had been dismembered when tanks busted in and ran over them. Bodyparts everywhere.

      This is in addition to the flashbang grenades, fire, and cooking the women and children who did try and reach the schoolbus buried underground (they didn’t reach it, because the Govt. had shot flashbangs blocking the entryway to the bus) and instead got in a metal-lined underground shelter. Where they were cooked to death when the fire broke out. We know this from forensics, and because they were not exposed to the CS Gas in the shelter, so were very much alive when being cooked to death.

      Morbid, but the reality of how much the Govt. feels heartfelt concern against violence and death. If you’ll murder small children you’ll do anything, so this lil a-hole who ran over a bunch of people–who has nothing to do with anyone else at the rally, nor anyone with WNist sentiments, he represents a party of one (and that’s if he’s in fact guilty as well)–is simply being used to go after people on the ‘wrong’ side of race with a vengeance.

      Violence does not bother this Govt, nor does death. Duh.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      “It is strange what men can be made to do for a small colored ribbon.”–Napoleon

      Most people do what they are told, and think the thoughts they are given. I hope that, at their last hours, they are consumed with terror at the things they have done, regardless of all the hero ribbons and accolades they have been given.

    5. fd Says:

      Napolean said: History is a set of lies agreed upon.

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      That also.

      That is why the Jewish arts of promotion, image management, advertising, spin, etc. are so important in today’s world.

      They have much practice in this. More than us. But we are more creative. More honest, yet more creative. Maybe we should become a little less honest.

    7. Emily Henderson Says:

      Not less honest–less afraid.

      That’s why they put the ‘fear of consequences’ programming (for even thinking ‘wrong thoughts’) into play so early on, and plug away at it over a lifetime.

      That’s because their biggest fear is that you’ll forget to be afraid of them.