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7 December, 2018

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“Free speech in the United States is scarcely limited; the only restrictions are on speech which incites immediate violence. Nowhere else in the world is this liberty so protected.1 In fact, as we will see, even many of our fellow American citizens do not share this value.” Metzger said that the West will stand or […]

12 December, 2017

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Would Mexico allow anti-Mexican political organizations to thrive in Mexico? Not only no, but hell no! With that in mind, let’s ponder some questions from a cultural standpoint (after all, our culture comes first, before anything else): why do outfits like the ACLU exist in America? Why do Black and Hispanic and Jewish organizations exist […]

7 November, 2017

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“The left’s identity is based off of hating Western Culture and anything associated with White European people.” — Dr. Kevin MacDonald. (The political Left was built largely by Jews. The Left and the Jews are bosom buddies, two-peas-in-a-pod. Without the Left, the Jews could not have succeeded in their wrecking of American culture, e.g., the […]

17 August, 2017

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The political Left has Nazi roots? That’s a new one (not) [1][2]. The American Left was built almost entirely by Jews. Why don’t we talk about that instead? [Article]. . [1] actually, “Nazism is leftism” propaganda has been around for awhile, for the benefit of the rubes and hicks of course. However, recall that Mussolini’s […]

10 July, 2015

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If you’re a Mexican, in Mexico, how does the U.S. Constitution protect you? It doesn’t. How could it? Notice the mention of Ira Glasser’s ACLU (a Jew, Glasser almost single-handedly built the ACLU into a powerful legal entity with offices in every state and in Puerto Rico, too). [Article].

2 June, 2014

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SB1070, that common-sense immigration law, has already been watered-down by federal judges. Now, Mexican and leftist groups have succeeded in weakening the law even more. Leftists and Mexicans are absolutely obsessed with SB1070. They must lie awake in bed at night thinking about it. More about the ACLU here: [scroll 3/4 down the page]. [Article].

17 October, 2009

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How not surprising that the ACLU got involved. This matter is directly related to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1967 Loving v. Virginia ruling: [Article]. More: [Here].

2 March, 2009

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What authority does the ACLU have to “investigate” a fire department? Trivia: Jewish judge and troublemaker Felix Frankfurter was a co-founder of the ACLU [1]: [Article]. [1] Frankfurter was notorious for squeezing his Jewish associates into dozens of federal government positions, thereby guaranteeing that the Jewing of America would proceed quickly. He can be considered […]

9 September, 2008

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One of the ACLU’s co-founders was a Jew, judge Felix Frankfurter, and Jews have played central roles in that organization: [Article].

18 March, 2008

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Suit filed over lower graduation rates among Black students [1]: [Article]. [1] about the founders/directors of the ACLU (scroll almost 3/4 down the page to “The ACLU”): [Here]