2 September, 2017

Leftism Must be Banned, Before It Destroys the West

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(Newbies, here’s some currently unrealistic philosophy for you to consider. But I think there will come a time when leftism can, and will, be banned).

Most people wouldn’t tolerate a poison in their homes — e.g., in their carpets and in their furniture. But yet, they tolerate a poison every day in their communities: a social and political poison. It’s called Leftism. It’s toxic, and worse, it spreads [1].

Leftism (also called “liberalism”) should be illegal in all of the Western countries, but thanks to the global media and Hollywood, leftism is not usually seen as a bad thing but instead as “good” and “legitimate” and “normal,” even though it isn’t legitimate or normal because it is based on fantasy, not on reality [2].

Just as very-addictive street drugs are illegal (e.g., methamphetamine, crack cocaine) because they are very harmful to society (they cause crime such as burglary), leftism is very harmful to orderly societies and it should be banned by the Western governments.

Leftism goes directly against the natural order of things. It is not logical, it is instead illogical; it’s a type of social cancer. Like cancer destroys a human body, if allowed to spread, leftism destroys entire countries (a recent example of that is Venezuela; older examples of that are the Soviet Union and Chile).

Here are a couple of examples of how leftism goes against the natural order of things:

The natural order: a man and a woman fall in love, get married and have children.
An unnatural order: a woman falls in love with a man, but she doesn’t marry him or have children with him because that would interfere with her career. This is unnatural. It is feminism and it goes against nature. A woman has a womb for a reason.

Another example:

The natural order: White people live in White countries, Brown people live in Brown countries, Asians live in Asian countries, and negroes live in negro countries.
An unnatural order: negroes, Brown people and Asians enter White countries in large numbers, as immigrants, thereby upsetting the natural order of the White countries. Countries have (had?) borders and immigration laws for a reason.

Everything about leftism is against nature and is extremely harmful to orderly societies. Leftism should be banned in all of the Western countries: banned from the schools, from the media, from the movies, from the newspapers and the magazines. Leftism is a cancer that must be cut out of Western societies. If it is not stopped, leftism will destroy the West (in fact, you could argue that parts of the West are already destroyed, e.g., southern California, which is basically “Mexico North”) [3].

[1] Leftism (as communism) almost destroyed the world once, circa the 1920s and 1930s. Communism was poised to take hold worldwide, but it didn’t. The Jew, Karl Marx, wanted, first and foremost, for communism to spread to and take hold in England; when it didn’t, his dream of a worldwide communist movement vanished; communism was created by Marx to destroy the White countries, such as England, France, Germany, etc. Communism could be called “a Jewish weapon against the West”

[2] Leftism is a largely-fantasy-based political and social belief system which usually suspends reality so that wishes, or beliefs, “become” true, e.g., if you believe that “global warming” theory is legitimate and true, then it’s “legitimate and true” simply because you believe so (this is similar to Christian beliefs, which also suspend reality; Christianity shares several harmful beliefs with leftism, most importantly the belief in human equality). Not only is leftism based on fantasy, but also, it requires the telling of lies, daily, in order to fool people into embracing leftist baloney, e.g., “diversity makes America stronger,” which is standard public school propaganda

[3] the Jewish role in the spread of leftism cannot be understated. In fact, Jews were the driving force of leftism in the Western countries, e.g., the Frankfurt School and the U.S. civil-rights movement

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    1. Jürgen Says:






    2. Jürgen Says:

      Contrary to human nature

      Marxism is contrary to basic human nature simply because
      no one wants to bust their ass working while some other lazy
      loaf reaps the rewards of the working man’s labour.

      Despite all the failures of Marxism, there is always ONE arrogant,
      snooty lil savant who comes up and convinces a horde of fools:
      “Yes, it has failed over and over, but while others failed, I CAN
      MAKE IT WORK THIS TIME.” Insane.

    3. kerdasi amaq Says:

      Leftism isn’t meant to work. It’s real purpose is set capitalists and workers at odds with each other so (((they))) can acquire ownership of the means of production.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      Leftism is a political disease.
      Its caught by alot of smart but stupid and gullible White kids whose retard
      System Programmed Cuckold parents sent them to the local
      Marxist Indoctrinating Center. Commonly known as “college”.

      Leftism is incompatible with Common Sense .

      Its Extremely Incompatible with Race Reality.