5 August, 2018

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished When Leftists Run the Government

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(Above: Spain, with the capital, Madrid, in center)

“Public events supporting the Franco regime were outlawed in 2007″… Yeah, that figures. It’s common for leftists to censor and re-write history. In the late 1930s, General Francisco Franco saved Spain from being communized by the Soviets, most of whom were Jews. (If Spain had been communized, France probably would have fallen as well, and possibly the rest of Europe, too). Saving Spain was apparently a “bad thing”, because now, the usual leftist idiots want to remove Franco’s body from a popular public tomb, lest it be “glorified” by anyone who has a brain.


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    1. Jürgen Says:

      Not sure if the posts are getting through.
      They are not showing up.

    2. Jürgen Says:

      I’ve been trying to post about Spain in here

    3. fd Says:

      It’s popular to insult the legacy of whoever. Enemies of statues and memorials fire from different directions. The Federals forced a statue of Lincoln and his son on Richmond, the Capital of the Confederacy. Promoting sectional animosity is all the rage.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      Spain needs a new Franco.
      Germany needs a new Hitler
      Italy already has a “far right” party in power
      And has closed ports to Soros’ nigger ferry service.
      Macaroni in France is a Globalist douchebag.
      May in England a shabbos shiksa.
      America Got Trump who may or may not be a
      Rothschild agent .
      We need a Hitler here too.
      Franco did a good job taking out the Commie Trash
      And saving his cunt tree.
      Thats why the Left there hates Franco.
      Hes probably spinning in his grave watching all the
      Niggers Muzzies and other human ? Trash float in.
      Poor Spain.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      Please dont forget Franco didnt save Spain by Himself.
      Hitler and Mussolini sent Thousands of Troops Weapons
      Supplies and money.
      Franco repaid Hitler by sending an entire division of Spaniards
      To help Hitler in Russia.
      The Blue Division.

    6. WhiteWinger Says:

      Does Spain NOT remember it’s history????
      Don’t they know about 711 AD????
      That should be a war cry “REMEMBER 711 !!!!”

      Charles Martel,
      Vlad The Impaler,
      Jan Sobieski,

      When Will Come Another?????