30 October, 2018

The West is Doomed When Shameless Lying is Standard Government Policy

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Trannies, trannies everywhere! They’re the “latest thing” — like the Beatles were in 1964. Anyway, sane people know that there’s no such thing as “transgender” (in other words, a person can’t change his or her sex). Yet, various Western governments today (e.g., in Canada, France and Denmark) tell us that there is such a thing as “changing your sex” and what’s more, damn it, you’re gonna believe that “official fact” or else have your children taken away by the New Bolsheviks. Brazen-lying-as-official-government-policy doesn’t bode well for the future of the Western world. What’s next? Will the sky be “officially” called green soon? Will concrete “officially” be called soft? Will snow be called yellow soon? (yeah, okay, according to Frank Zappa, sometimes it is yellow).


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