1 November, 2018

I Just Made a Law

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Jews and leftists are always inventing funny things out of thin air (“global warming,” “hate crime,” “gay rights” and other baloney). Well, I can invent things, too. I just made a law: “The 2000 Transsexual Propaganda Awareness Act.” As an added bonus, I made the law regional in scope, and I even made the law retroactive back to 2000, hence the name. (Note: in case you wonder, “Is this law real?”, of course it is. I just invented it 10 minutes ago. It doesn’t get any more real than that).

The 2000 Transsexual Propaganda Awareness Act

An Act;

The purpose of this title/act is to control the spread of dangerous Cultural Marxist propaganda;

This title/act may be cited as “The 2000 Transsexual Propaganda Awareness Act.”

Whereas, a human cannot change his or her sex or gender;
Whereas, human “transsexuals” do not actually exist, biologically speaking;
Whereas, pro-“transsexual” propaganda, whether in written or oral form, is Cultural Marxism;
Whereas, it is harmful to Western societies to spread Cultural Marxism and pro-“transsexual” propaganda;

Beginning November 1, 2000, it will be unlawful to spread pro-“transsexual” propaganda in written or oral form in any Western country.

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      I like it !

    2. jeff Says:

      okay this is epic