11 January, 2019

The “Green New Deal”: Full of Screw-Whitey Goodness, Just Like the First New Deal

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“The package would focus on income inequality and climate change…”

Oh, the law would be a package deal that includes green Marxism and “social justice” mandates? That figures.

If implemented, this “updated New Deal” scheme will cost trillions of dollars (paid for, of course, by Whitey’s tax dollars. Can you imagine retrofitting every building in the U.S.A. with “green” hardware? Jeepers! It would take 30 years, if not longer).


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  7. 4 Responses to “The “Green New Deal”: Full of Screw-Whitey Goodness, Just Like the First New Deal”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      The French are not taking it, and we will not take it.

      The True White Revolution: Get Married and Have About Five Children

    2. archer Says:

      Our problem is that whitey tax dollars only go so far, with the trade deficit and interest on the national debt, we have to either borrow or have the federal reserve crooks print more money, putting us deeper in debt to pay for gibmedats.

    3. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Good advice


    4. The Red Skull Says:

      They Won’t Stop

      Just Another Brick in the Wall
      Of the Prison They Building for us
      At the end of the Prison Wall
      Is a Gallows for Our People

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