13 April, 2019

It’s Like Weimar Germany in Modern America: Illegal Aliens Now Have “Rights” (Or, a Lesson: Tightly Control Your Countries, or Lose Them)

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“Colorado first issued the licenses in 2014.” So, illegal aliens have been getting driver’s licenses in Colorado for 5 years??? Absolute insanity. Morally wrong!

How do illegal aliens have “rights” if they’re in America illegally? Helping illegal aliens is not only against federal law, it’s treason: it’s helping foreign invaders.

In the 1920s, the German government (known as the “Weimar Republic”) was illegitimate. It was run by radicals and aliens, not by real Germans [1]. In many ways, the various governments of America (state, local, etc.) are Weimar governments. The lesson here of course is that Germany must remain in normal German hands, France in normal French hands, Britain in normal British hands, etc. Keep aliens and their nut-job sympathizers out of your governments and out of your countries. (Note that Colorado governor Polis is a liberal homosexual, meaning that he’ll likely sign this bill into law):


[1] the Weimar Constitution was written by a Jew, Hugo Preuss; Jews held important positions in the Weimar government, e.g., Walther Rathenau, who was the Foreign Minister. “The Jewish background of the main author of its constitution was one reason why the Weimar Republic was referred to as Judenrepublik (“Jews’ Republic”) by its detractors on the right.” — Wikipedia

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  7. One Response to “It’s Like Weimar Germany in Modern America: Illegal Aliens Now Have “Rights” (Or, a Lesson: Tightly Control Your Countries, or Lose Them)”

    1. joe Says:

      Everywhere and everywhen the the jew is allowed free an easy access to a white society, disintegration and corruption will soon follow. They are a plague upon humanity. This is not an opinion of an evil racist, but of the REAL history books. The only difference is… the world today is much “smaller”. After the American dog is bled dry and on its death bed, to which cur will the jew flea leap for its next round of sustenance? Chinese food anyone? Oy vey!