26 July, 2019

The Sound of Impending War: the More Things Change, the More They Don’t!

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News report: “US building coalition to protect ships crossing (Persian) Gulf”

Where, oh, where have I seen that sort of headline before? Oh, yeah! In 1941, just before president F. D. Roosevelt started WWII by issuing “shoot-on-sight” orders for German ships during “protective convoying with allies”! It seems that protective convoying can lead to war. Yeah. That’s what that “coalition” idea for the Persian Gulf is. Sooner or later, some imaginary Arabs/Persians will “attack” an allied ship in the convoy, and then presto! Instant war, for Israel’s benefit! Trivia: FDR’s convoying was done under the previously-illegal-by-law, Jewish “Lend-Lease” program [1]. That shoot-on-sight order was a de facto declaration of war on Germany by America, since, sooner or later, U.S. ships were going to see a German ship…I mean, it kinda goes without saying that they would see a German boat sooner or later, ya know?



[1] just before WWII, the U.S. military was in Greenland to protect convoys of boats shipping Lend-Lease material to the “allies.” America regularly escorted convoys of Lend-Lease ships to “allied” nations with her big battleships, e.g., the USS Texas. In Sept. 1941, a false claim was made by the U.S. government that a German submarine attacked and tried to sink the USS Greer near Iceland. (The Germans had no need to attack the Greer since the U.S. was officially a non-belligerent country at that time). Roosevelt used that false claim to justify the shoot-on-sight order

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    1. Antagonistes Says:

      It is strange to see the Trump administration use the same smoke-and-mirror tricks against Iran, that the Democrats are using against Trump.

      OR IS IT?

      Normal hard-working Americans are tired of the Madison Avenue hucksters and the disingenuous politicians.

      Somehow, they have taken control of everything.

      Trump promised to end all that. He even says that he is ending it, even as it gains momentum. This is very strange.