20 August, 2019

America Has Gone Insane: Losing Your Constitutional Rights Over Misdemeanors

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Do you really think that America’s founders would want White men to lose their rights over misdemeanor laws? There’s no way they would want that.

You already lose your gun rights over one such law, thanks to Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg’s 1996 anti-gun law. Now, Jewish lawmakers such as Jerrold Nadler want to make another such law, the “Disarm Hate Act.” (Why hasn’t the Lautenberg law been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court? The Lautenberg law is an ex post facto law, meaning that if you were convicted of a misdemeanor way back in 1962, the law would still apply to you and you therefore cannot legally own a gun, ever. Ex post facto law is illegal in America).

Isn’t it funny how no one ever mentions the fact that one ethnic group (Jews) has led the anti-gun movement in Congress?


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  7. 8 Responses to “America Has Gone Insane: Losing Your Constitutional Rights Over Misdemeanors”

    1. Jürgen Says:


    2. Luke Says:

      These are the kinds of chest beating, macho sounding bullshit posts that do a great disservice to the pro-Second Amendment gang of White patriots.

      Trust me on this. Once the Communist jewish left, with the help and assistance of the TrumpenMerkel traitor – secure their permanent, peacefully unbreakable, one party Communist dictatorship – which will happen once Whites are reduced to a numerical minority – these Communist bastards will unleash the total might of the U.S. Military and every ADL-Israeli trained law enforcement agency in America – upon any White man or woman who is a Second Amendment supporter and who is likely to be a gun owner.

      They will not have to show up at your doorstep and risk becoming a target. They will just find out who your employer is and pressure them to fire you. They will freeze your bank accounts and cancel your credit cards. They will pressure the electric company to cut off power to your house. They will strong arm the water company to turn off your water supply. They will wait until your kids get on the school bus and go to school, where they will kidnap your kids and use them to pressure you into surrendering your firearms.

      Do NOT Make the mistake of underestimating just how fucking evil these Semitic bastards are and will continue to be in the pursuit of their agenda to Genocide and destroy White European people.

    3. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Luke, you said all and well too.

      Jan 2, 2019- New York State is one of the top states in the country for people moving out, 61.5 percent of all moves in New York were outbound. source: United Van Line’s 42nd Annual National Movers Study. NYC is now 32% white, 29% hispanic, 24% black, 14% asian, according to U.S. Census Bureau. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpUu8zxqUDI

    4. Jürgen Says:


      Fuck you.

      There is no chest-beating or macho-ness here.
      You obviously don’t know me or the Nazis I
      congregate with, which are ready for war.
      This was just a simple statement of fact.

    5. BroncoColorado Says:

      Let’s be smart. Hand over your hunting rifle to the Feds with a smile, but don’t let anybody know about the AK47s you have oiled and hidden.

    6. Adolf Satan Says:

      Ahh the insanity of the end of the line for the empire. Making the world safe for Israel wiped out the indispensable nation.
      Hopefully the seat on the rapture expressed will be preserved.
      The occupants of the first car will be the esteemed members of the chamber of commerce and church charities who helped bring in the vibrant diverse replacements to the deplorables, forward comrades!

    7. Luke Says:

      Jurgen needs a homework assignment.


      “A Non-White Majority Will End Gun Rights

      Bradley Moore, American Renaissance, August 21, 2019

      Black MSNBC pundit Joy Reid understands that demography is destiny. “If [NRA Chief Executive] Wayne LaPierre doesn’t understand that the next generation and the next will be unavailable to him and his vile philosophy, he needs a quick lesson in demographic math,” she wrote in February 2018. “One way or another, the NRA and its extremist ideology are on a path to extinction. And good riddance to them in advance.” She also says rural voters are a “core threat to our democracy.”

      After the recent El Paso shooting, Democratic presidential candidates linked gun ownership to “white nationalism.”

      Sen. Kamala Harris wants “domestic terrorism prevention orders” to let police or family members petition a judge for temporary seizure of weapons if someone is showing signs of violence. This would allegedly “stop violent, hate-fueled attacks before they begin.” Such “orders” could be used against white conservatives if judges start assuming—as many liberals do—that racial dissent is inherently violent.”

      I’ve spent the last 40 years of my life, trying my level best to crack through the thick, and apparently empty, SKULLS of every White man I know as to the critical danger that will accompany their disgusting apathy and lack of concern about voting for politicians who are 100 percent in favor of immigration from the non-white third world that will reduce their pasty White asses to a minority and then subjugate Whites to being permanently ruled over by a majority non-white America.

      What has been the standard reaction from the vast majority of these White men? Apathy. Disinterest. Or, here is a reaction that I get from older White men that really burns my ass – they’ll look at me and shrug their shoulders, and say: “Hey, I’ll be dead by then, so why should I care?”

      I get this line of sickening, pusillanimous bullshit from White men who have White children and even White grandchildren. I look at these guys and ask – do you not give a shit about what sort of nightmarish future your generation has guaranteed will be imposed upon your offspring?

      I point out to these White peabrains what has happened and what continues to happen to Whites in the former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and in South Africa. Being a minority and being White and having non-whites who hate and despise you to hold absolute power over you – is a recipe for White genocide.

      Read this article which is on AmRen’s website. Pay close attention to how these colored racial enemies of our race are drooling, salivating, having multiple orgasms in their pants – eagerly looking forward to the day when they are the majority and they can disarm, defang, and render the hated White man defenseless against the violence and ethnic cleansing that they are now openly telling us they intend to pursue.

      Then, let a few pounds of hot air out of your bloated ego and think about what I said in my earlier comment. Do not make the mistake of under estimating the capacity of the liberal jewish left to resort to horrific levels of violence or to dream up diabolically devious methods to help them disarm the hated White race.

      The mere fact that they are so obsessed with disarming LAW ABIDING White Americans is a major clue that they intend to mass murder Whites at some point in the future and that is why they want to disarm us. There is no benevolent reason behind this obsession. and only an idiot would think that there is one.

    8. Jürgen Says:


      Once again….Fuck you.
      All you do is type.
      All I do is train.