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22 December, 2018

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The female vote makes up 55% of the total American vote. In other words, it’s the biggest single voting bloc. That’s power. That’s why “conservative” politicians don’t want to address the abortion issue [1]. This is what happens when you give up your power, White men. You fools. (Abortion is directly related to female “careerism”; […]

18 January, 2016

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It’s easy to get arrested for domestic violence these days: depending on which state you live in, simply shouting at your wife can get you arrested. But here’s the special part: even if the domestic violence charge against you is a misdemeanor, you can never own a gun again. That’s right. Thanks to a Jewish […]

12 January, 2011

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It’s bad enough that Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg gave America the most heavy-handed anti-gun law ever (the 1996 Lautenberg Domestic Confiscation Act, which prohibits people who have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from owning a gun; policemen are exempted from the law). Now, Sen. Lautenberg is calling for a ban on gun magazines which […]

21 June, 2009

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“The names of the people on the watch list are secret.” Really? Why? Anybody with strong anti-Israel views can end up on a “terrorism watch list,” and some people are on such lists erroneously. By the way, Jewish senator Lautenberg is the same fellow who gave America the infamous 1996 law which takes away your […]