7 October, 2019

White Philosophy for Newbies: Feminism

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Feminism has been permanently installed in America since 1972 [1]. There is no place where women aren’t located. They’re in Congress, on the police departments, in the fire departments, in the military (even in the U.S. Marine Corps!). Feminism is now official doctrine in all of America. Period.

Therefore, I say, women no longer need any special treatment. They no longer need any federal “civil rights” laws, such as Affirmative Action. They no longer need the Lautenberg Act. They no longer need any laws that give them an unnatural advantage or protect them. They no longer need courts to favor them in divorce proceedings. They no longer need any of that.

Feminism cancels all “civil rights” laws for women. If you’re equal, you don’t need special help.


[1] see the 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act, which took Title VII of the Jewish-created 1964 Civil Rights Act even further

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    1. Joel Says:

      Without special quotas they won’t get hired, because many men think they are pea brains that aren’t needed for work.