7 September, 2019

Jewish NYT Columnist Says She’s Had Insomnia Since Trump Was Elected

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Gee, Goldberg, what a Cohencidence: I’ve had insomnia since 1988, ever since I learned that Jews, as an ethnic group, have led the movements to subvert White, Western culture (i.e., they founded feminism, communism, socialism, leftism, multiculturalism, “anti-racism,” gun control, etc.). So there’s some commonality there! [Article].

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  7. 2 Responses to “Jewish NYT Columnist Says She’s Had Insomnia Since Trump Was Elected”

    1. Der Stürmer Says:

      The Jew York Slimes? Maybe if all the toilet paper runs out or there is a new bird that comes along and some birdcage lining is needed.
      As they say in Flyoverstan….Jew York Slimes? We don’t need any stinking Jew York Slimes!
      Does “Hymietown” Jesse Jackson have a Slimes subscription. Bwahaha!
      Maybe Comrade DeBlasio will make Slimes subscriptions mandatory for all comrades of the collective.
      Some remedial reading courses will be needed in order for the comrades to understand what exactly they are being told to think.

    2. m. radant Says:

      Suicide IS an option, you kike whore!

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