25 October, 2019

Spain: General Franco’s Body Moved for Political Reasons

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(Above: British leftists who volunteered to travel to Spain to fight with the “republicans” against General Franco. Note the hammer-and-sickle flag. Yeah, sure, “republicans” they were!).

Notice that the bodies of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Rakosi, Pauker and the rest of the commies have not been moved. Only Franco was moved, in order to “distance” him from his Marxist (oops, I mean republican) “victims” [1]. In other words, it’s just more political trouble being caused by the Left. Note: Franco saved Spain from turning communist (oops, I mean republican) in 1939 by winning the Spanish Civil War. If Spain had fallen to the communists, France — which is next door to Spain — would have been next. Leftists are evil people. (Did you know that, during the Spanish Civil War, the leftists murdered priests and raped/murdered nuns? Yep. Nice people! Franco was a Boy Scout compared to the leftists).



[1] in this case, a “republican” means “a Soviet-backed Marxist trying to bag Spain.” Most of the Soviet advisers in Spain were Jews

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    1. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Oh, THANK GOD!!! I thought you had gone out of business!! I could not get you for several days!

      We had just gotten back from our annual nude fall hike, and I went straight to the computer, with just a hunch. Then, VNN appeared!! I called everyone over, still nude! Even though, in that small space, the body odors became quite pronounced, we still we very happy!

      Praise the Lord!!!! Thankyou!

    2. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Anyway, back to topic. The world cannot endure strong doctrine. They always want to change it. The Bible says that Jesus Christ will rule with a rod of iron, but they have made Him into a wimpy wispy man. He is a roaring lion. Franco, I am sure, knew Him and served Him. All who serve him hate communism.