8 February, 2020

As Planned, the Queer Movement “Seems to” Be Growing

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Big Fag wants you to think that the queer movement is huge. But it isn’t. Maybe 3% of the population is a sexual freak of some sort.

Anyway, they used to be called “homosexuals.” Then, thanks to Gertrude Stein, they became “gay.” Then later, the term became the ridiculous “LGBT” and then “LGBTQ.” Now, it’s “LGBTQIA.” Like toxic mold, the acronym is growing in order to fool normal people. Next, it will be “LGBTQIASYKXVPZFJ.”

Also, as someone pointed out: the “B” in “LGBTQ” (“Bisexual”) means that there are only 2 conventional sexes.


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