24 February, 2020

More “Greatest Generation” Hype, or, F.D. Roosevelt Started WWII, Not Japan

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(Above: a “Flying Tiger” [Curtiss P-40 Warhawk] attack plane. A nice-looking machine. It’s too bad America had to “fight fascism” with it).

“It was the greatest generation! The men of the WWII era could walk on water! They were gods in human form! They saved America — no, wait, the whole world — from evil fascism!” How many times have you heard that? Dozens, no doubt.

It’s all bullshit. Total baloney. It’s a lie. Your grandpa died on Guadalcanal for no reason other than President F. D. Roosevelt and his gang of Jews wanted war with Japan as a back-door to war with Germany. Roosevelt also deeply hated Japan (and loved China) for personal reasons.

The creation of the Flying Tigers “volunteer air force” (*wink, wink*) by President Roosevelt in Spring 1941 was an illegal, de facto “declaration of war on Japan” which happened 7 months before WWII actually began. FDR had no legal right to build such a fighter-plane squadron (which was designed to attack Japanese troops in Burma and China) since America was not officially at war with Japan until December 7, 1941 [1]. FDR was planning to “draw first blood” on the Japanese, but lucky for him Pearl Harbor happened first, so he could claim victimhood.



[1] the creation and training of the Flying Tigers was done in secret. American “volunteers” had to sneak into China by posing as missionaries and artists; Roosevelt signed an ultra-secret Executive Order creating the Tigers, whose first combat mission was on December 20, 1941 in Kunming, China

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    1. Luke Says:

      I’ve always wondered how these fighter pilots could have managed to take these planes on long missions – some probably stretching over several hours in the air, depending on the fuel and maximum range of their particular fighter aircraft – and what if they suddenly got the urge to take a leak or a dump?

      Same question applies to modern day fighter jets. Do the pilots take laxatives a few hours before they go on a mission? I figure it would be possible to have one of those portable jugs to urinate into, and maybe a way to dump the fluid out of the plane – but, I just can’t visualize a pilot putting the plane on autopilot, opening up the canopy and hanging their ass over the side of the cockpit to take a dump.

      I would have never been able to cut the mustard as a pilot. I seldom go a single day without visiting the throne at least 5 times.

      If there are any pilots out there who can answer this question, I would be everlastingly grateful. I have wondered about this for years.