1 March, 2020

The Walkaway Movement (Videos)

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More and more people are waking up to the fact that leftism/liberalism is not a political ideology per se, it’s merely an emotion-based weapon of destruction: a weapon used to attack White Western culture. Leftism is not about “diversity” or “equality” and “fairness.” It’s about tearing down the greatest civilization in world history: Western civilization. Anything of value in this world was produced by White people, specifically by White males. And the Left knows that. Hence the reason why the Left attacks White males every day. The leftists genuinely hate White males. According to them, White males are evil, and if they could, they would murder every White male in the West, despite the fact that many leftists are, yes, White males! (Leftism is also a creed of self-hate). It’s important to understand that all forms of leftism ultimately sprang from one ethnic group: Jews (e.g., Marxism, Cultural Marxism, socialism, Freudianism, liberalism, feminism, anti-racism/antifa, “gay rights,” gun control, etc.).

[Videos at VNN Forum].

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