1 March, 2020

Virginia: Private Companies Must Soon Hire Mentally Ill Queers

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((News quote: “Virginia lawmakers gave final approval Wednesday to a comprehensive anti-discrimination bill, known as SB 868, which aims to protect LGBTQ people from unequal treatment. Virginia will become the first southern state to successfully add sexual orientation and gender identity to…”)).

Au contraire! If you are the “T” (or maybe even the “Q”) in LGBTQ, you have Gender Identity Disorder/gender dysphoria [1], so you are mentally ill by default. I seriously, seriously doubt that, constitutionally speaking, I have to hire a mentally ill person if I own a business in VA. I’m sure Thomas Jefferson would agree with me.


[1] Gender Identity Disorder (a mental disorder) was officially diagnosed in 1980;┬ásince 2013, the White countries (due to queer political pressure) no longer call it a “disorder,” but instead “gender dysphoria”

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