15 April, 2020

Colorado: Not Again! Christian Baker Sued for 2nd Time Over Refusal to Create Transgender Cake

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There’s no such thing as “transgender,” so what’s the problem? How can somebody sue over something that doesn’t exist?

Judeo-leftism is a vindictive, get-even movement. Indeed, the Judeo-leftists have a curious mental feature: they absolutely cannot “allow” any right-winger to “get away with it.” Get away with what? Whatever “wrong” the right-winger has done. The right-winger must be punished for his wrong, even if it takes 80 years and multiple attempts to “bring him to justice.” Just consider these people: other victims of Judeo-leftism: the Nazi leaders such as Hermann Goring (the Judeo-leftists got all of them), Pinochet (they tried, but they didn’t get him, since he was too old to imprison), Jorge Videla (they finally got him and he died in prison), Fulgencio Batista (they wanted to get him, but he fled Cuba and died in exile), Reagan (they wanted to, but didn’t get him: “not quite enough Sandinista/Guatemalan blood on his hands” [Reagan created the Contras via a top-secret order in 1981 and allegedly aided “genocide” in Guatemala; but Reagan was way too popular to jail]).


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