4 April, 2020

Coronavirus: Myth, Fact, Who Can Tell?

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What? You don’t trust government officials to tell you the truth about Coronavirus? Why not? Okay, yeah, these are the same people who told you that America had to invade Iraq in 2003 because Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction” when he really didn’t and America knew he didn’t. And they also told you that allowing Black people to vote, and hold public office, would make America “better.” But you’re not gonna hold a few little white lies against our government, are you? You are?? Oh. Gee, that doesn’t sound very tolerant.

Anyway, I find it very interesting that different countries report Coronavirus deaths differently. Many countries report such deaths as follows: if a person died of ailment X (e.g., a heart attack), and he had Coronavirus in his body, then he died of Coronavirus! Period. That’s ridiculous, and suspicious.

Also, it sounds like, if you want to avoid dying, don’t go to a hospital — an infection from that is likely:


“It is possible that in the summer the virus presence drops. Even so, the matter is not that relevant. Every year we have 20,000 deaths from influenza but no one talks about it. Furthermore, we have 49,000 deaths per year due to infections contracted in the hospital. The data are official. 49,000 people (130–140 people per day) die because they are admitted into a hospital, say, for an appendicitis and then they die of pneumonia. No one is talking about it, but we have many more deaths from these infections than we have had from a coronavirus, even since the beginning of this farce. We are facing something beyond absurd, which at least invites suspicion.”

Furthermore on Coronavirus:

“When eventually it will be decided that the (coronavirus) farce is ended β€” and nothing will end because this virus will continue undaunted to do what it’s doing now (or its evolving strains will do), the ultra-billionaires will own everything. The rich (a degree below the billionaires) will have bought, say, 3–4 restaurants and/or 10 stores that had to close.”

In other words, he’s talking about a now-infamous “bust cycle” in a “boom-and-bust” economic cycle, like the circa 2009 “subprime mortgage crisis” in America (a crisis which was manufactured by Jewish tycoons such as Roland Arnall; strangely, or not, the federal government aided the subprime mortgage crisis by “pushing” minorities to buy homes that they couldn’t afford, in the name of equality, diversity and so forth; most boom-and-bust cycles are created and are not “naturally occurring”).


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