29 April, 2020

The New Michael Moore Climate-Change Movie

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Apparently, some leftists don’t like the new Michael Moore film about “climate change” (or, as I jokingly call it, climax change).

Regardless of that, on the whole, the liberals are all excited about the possibilities of green Marxism. White housewives, White college students and the media are totally onboard with it. Green Marxism has taken off because it seems so logical and necessary, so decent and moral — it was designed that way. It will spread far and wide before it ends circa 2045 when Brown Man begins to flex his muscles in the West (Brown Man won’t give a shit about climax change once he’s in power). Never mind that there is absolutely no proof that the earth is warming. In fact, the earth has “warmed” about 1 degree in the past 150 years. That’s not proof of anything [2]. The earth’s temperature naturally fluctuates. Green Marxism is yet another way to regulate, mandate and equalize the entire world (in other words, another way to “stick it to White men” and penalize them for being the most successful humans on earth).



[1] in February 2019, it snowed in Los Angeles for the first time in 60 years! So much for the earth “warming”

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