9 March, 2020

Election 2020: The Climax-Change Candidate

Posted by Socrates in climate change, climax change, Cultural Marxism, elections, global warming, green Marxism, leftism, leftists, liberalism, liberals, Marx, Marxism, Marxism as anti-White, politics, socialism, Socrates, Venezuela at 6:10 pm | Permanent Link

Liberal woman #1: “Climax Change is the number one issue for me! When I think of how many sexist White males will be oppressed by ridiculous, draconian, federal Climax Change laws in the next decade, I just climax in my jeans!”

Liberal woman #2: “You go, girl! Climax Change is the new, new, new Marxism for the 21st century! Using Climax Change lies and propaganda, we’ll totally remake America into the next Venezuela! Socialism rools! Ban hamburgers! No more cow farts!”

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