15 September, 2020

More Fake News About Wildfires and Climate Change, or, Green Ideology is Deadly

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Remember this: liberal policies always do the opposite of what they intend to do.

Re: the ongoing wildfires in the western United States: As you can read here, the liberal media is trying to make a big deal out of the fact that most land in the liberal states (e.g., California) is either federally-owned or privately-owned and therefore not under state (i.e., liberal) control. But that’s not true. Thanks to liberal (“green”) state laws, it’s often illegal for private landowners to cut or clear away unwanted brush on their own land. Hence the reason why so many acres are burning in California, Oregon and Washington. But of course, the liberals blame “climate change” and Donald Trump for the wildfires! In California, private landowners must submit a “Timber Harvest Plan” to the state government in order to clear brush — i.e., they must get written permission from the government to clear brush on their own land! How Soviet! But only about 1/3 of those landowners are granted such permission. That’s the real reason California is experiencing lots of wildfires. Ditto the other liberal states. (Also, as several people have already observed: if the wildfires are really caused by global warming/climate change, why did all of the fires stop at the Canadian border?)

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