27 October, 2020

It’s Time to Retire the Bogus Word “Racism”

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Popularized (if not actually invented) by the Jewish communist/mass-murderer Leon Trotsky, the word “racist”/”racism” is bogus [1]. How so? Here’s a good example: the old University of Texas song, called “The Eyes of Texas” is now being called “racist,” even though the song does not mention, or even hint at, race, nationality or ethnicity.

Nearly everything is called “racism”/”racist” today. Even food and classical music are called racist today. And, “racism/racist” only applies to White people, never to Black or Brown or Asian people. Why?

“Racism” is a nonsense, PC, anti-White word that is usually tossed around whenever a Black or a leftist is losing an argument and wants to win the argument. “Racism!” they scream. Now they’ve got the upper hand in the argument.


[1] Trotsky used the words “racist” and “race” 4 times and 6 times, respectively in the 1933 article/essay “What Is National Socialism?”, published in June 1933; that was a record for race-baiting language in that era; if Trotsky didn’t invent those words himself, he certainly popularized them and brought them into common usage

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