22 November, 2020

Anthropology and Human Blights, er, Rights

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An interesting look at some of the history behind “human rights” and anthropology. The famous Jewish “anthropologist” Melville Herskovits in 1947 rejected the proposed 1948 UN human rights declaration for curious reasons: he thought it was too White and imperialistic and Western! Too high-handed. That’s surprising. Notice the mention of the infamous, Jewish human-rights activist Aryeh Neier. The field of anthropology has been so politicized as to be totally ruined. That was the plan. Yeah.

By the way: there are no such things as “human rights”! Nope. They are fake. Phony. Made-up by Jews such as Rene Cassin. You have a right to “X” because you’re human?? Bullshit. Says who? Some Jew? Okay. I have a right to money. Give me some. No? Why not?


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