25 November, 2020

White People Are Being Replaced (With Lots of Photos As Proof)

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A long and scary article, in 2 parts, complete with photographic proof of “our” modern culture replacing us with non-Whites. Share it with your friends and relatives who may doubt that it’s happening. Oh, it’s happening, Kemosabe! Actually, the Great Replacement began long ago, most especially with the Celler rights…oops, heh-heh, I mean the “civil rights” movement in the 1960s, when Blacks became “equal” to Whites. It’s merely picking up speed now — in fact, since Trump (aka, Orange White Man Bad) became president there are 300% more non-Whites in TV commercials than before. (You know Madison Avenue, in NYC? Advertising, you know? Well, guess who controls it? Hint: not Asians or Blacks. What? Mexicans? Yep, Mexicans named Hernandezberg, Rodriguezwitz, Lopezstein and Santosfeld. Heh-heh).

Part 1.

Part 2.

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