28 November, 2020

White Philosophy for Newbies: Marxism vs. Fascism

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Marxism (communism) is much more dangerous than fascism. The reason why is that Marxism attracts more-dangerous people. Not that fascism can’t attract dangerous people. But the types of people who are attracted to Marxism are much different: they are angry, vengeful, jealous, emotional, utopian, totalitarian, bullying, fanatics. At least fascism works. Marxism doesn’t even work without massive help from the capitalist states (e.g., the Soviet Union would have collapsed decades before 1991 without lots of help from America and the West) [1]. Furthermore, Marxism was created as a Jewish weapon against the West. Fascism wasn’t — it was created by Westerners in response to Jewish Bolshevism.


[1] America‚Äôs Lend-Lease system provided the Soviets with ship-loads of vehicles, fuel, food, medical equipment and arms. The “allies” gave the Soviets 400,000 heavy trucks and much of the aluminum they needed to build airplanes. Without that aid, the Soviets would not have been able to defeat Adolf Hitler in World War II and Germany would have won the war; thanks, “allies”!

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