26 December, 2020

Dr. Kevin MacDonald on Trump, the Stolen Election and the Future of America

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(Above: Dr. Kevin MacDonald).

MacDonald is Professor Emeritus in Evolutionary Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. (Curiously, ever since Trump was elected, MacDonald has been called an “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist” and a “white supremacist” — which is totally false; he’s not a supremacist, nor a conspiracy theorist; in fact, Jews themselves admit to many of his comments about them; as proof of that, see the 1996 book “Roots Of Radicalism: Jews, Christians and the Left” by S. Rothman and S. R. Lichter).


“There’s little doubt that the left is determined that a populist with Trump’s rhetoric will never become president again. They aim to do this by massively increasing immigration, by adding D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, and by institutionalizing their ability to commit fraud in elections. Like millions of other Americans, I firmly believe that the election was stolen but obviously the courts are unwilling to do anything about it. If the courts reversed the election, there would be massive violence and media outrage like no one’s ever seen, and the courts simply have no stomach for such a scenario.”


“With their power in the media, the academic world, and as political donors, Jews from the far left to the neoconservative right were central to the continuous vilification of Trump from the moment he announced his intentions to run for president — the negative comments on Mexican immigrants and Europe not being Europe any longer because of immigration infuriated them. This is now the end game that began with the Immigration Act of 1965, accompanied by incessant propaganda about the benefits of multiculturalism and, in recent decades, the evils of White America. I always thought that they would just let it happen gradually. GOP candidates and presidents like the Bushes were just fine—gradual was okay, like upping the temperature little by little while cooking the proverbial frog until it’s too late. But Trump gave a glimmer of hope that all this could be reversed. It had to be stamped out and prevented from ever happening again. That’s the game, and I’m not at all sure we or our civilization are going to survive this.”


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