16 March, 2021

Gay Studies Godfather/a New Queer Theory

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First, I have a brand new theory, I just dreamed it up today: if you can change your biological sex (which they say you can do today), then you can change your sexual preference even easier. You can be queer on Monday, but be straight again on Tuesday! Yeah! How cool is that? You can prance around in pink on Friday, but walk normal on Saturday! Yeah, dudes! Who wants to try it? Hmmm? We could all wear shiny pink boots on Friday and swish around the fine city of San Franqueersco saying “ohhh, that’s just darling!” every 3 minutes! What?? Nobody wants to go prancing around the Castro District in hot pink??? Oh. Okay, then. Never mind.

Secondly, here’s an article about “The Godfather of Gay Studies,” Dr. Martin Duberman [1][2][3].


[1] the article originally appeared at Chronical.com, October 19, 2018.

[2] “Duberman was born into a Jewish family. His father, born in Ukraine, was initially a manual laborer but later founded a successful clothing business that sold uniforms to the government during World War II.” — Wikipedia, March 2021.

[3] some books written by Duberman: [Here].

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