21 March, 2021

Well, This is Problematic

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Flag on the play! Out of bounds! Twenty yard penalty.

Granted, this pocketknife (for sale by a British company) looks good, but, “cotton”??? Come on! That could offend Black people. It could conjure up ugly and hideous memories of slavery. I’m gonna have to contact the UN Human Rights Commission about that matter!

Also, I could not fail to notice that, among all these knives for sale, none of them have any gay romantic themes. At the very least, a few of the knives could have graphic scenes on the handles featuring naked sodomites packing fudge, banging bungholes — you know. A little rectal romance! But I don’t see any such rectal romance. All I see is blatant discrimination against butt-burglars and ass-pirates. I’ll have to contact the UN Human Rights Commission about that, too! What?? There’s no such thing as “human rights” because the term was coined by a leftist Jew named René Cassin?? [1]. Are you actually suggesting that Jews make up things out of thin air, just to cause trouble? What?? You are suggesting that??? Oh. Okay, then.


[1] Cassin wrote the UN Human Rights Declaration in 1948. Here’s a quote about Cassin and human rights: “He was the brains and the driving force behind the UN commission that drew up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.” Furthermore, “…it was Cassin who actually put pen to paper and inked the first draft…” (of the declaration).

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