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23 April, 2006

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Contest details here

20 April, 2006

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Usual mix of wisdom and foolishness, about Waco, from young libertarian Gregory. Big problems for Normal White America when racial tyranny ensconces itself as legitimate authority. Hard to alert people to the problem when the media supposed to keep watch on the government are in many ways the most powerful part of that tyranny. “Media […]

18 April, 2006

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[Bit o’ BTL on this Salon report, by jew, on Mearsheimer & Walt study…] Is the “Israel lobby” distorting America’s Mideast policies?

17 April, 2006

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GoyFire #31 is on the air! Chock full ‘o’ hate! Craig Cobb, Byron Jost and Dopplehaken join Alex and Agis to discuss various subjects: More invader news, Byron’s “Line in the Sand” released on the internet, jewspaper jew jews billionaire jew and gets nabbed, Belarus, and TNB. 16 kbs stream – perfect for dial-up […]

17 April, 2006

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Dominated by jews backed up by feminists and fruits, today’s academy ensures that no book worth reading is available, let alone the white male who wrote it. The power of the left appears to have expanded to the point at which there is no way to disentrench it save violent uprooting. The jew never backs […]

16 April, 2006

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[First, ‘exotic dancer’ is an absurd term for whore-related entertainer. Second, Oberammergau isn’t the only place that holds Passion plays. Our own media owned and operated for us by jews have stock characters and stock stories. Their passion play performs in your local paper every morning. No script deviation allowed. No polymorphous perversity in the […]

16 April, 2006

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Nebbish Nation When God, or so the story goes, Decided to make man. He lacked a competence with toes, So with the nose began.

15 April, 2006

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Alex, Check out the real evil behind the concept of the car bomb. Look at the slant on this article, the jews and their influence have done it again! Sure just like letter bombs and airplane hijackings the jews invented the idea, but it was all innocent fun when the jews were murdering goyim […]

14 April, 2006

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Youths are destroying Oslo (Norway) Aftenposten ^ | 04.11.2006 | FRODE SAETRAN Posted on 04/14/2006 6:57:05 AM PDT by Eurotwit Criminal youths are in the process of destroying the social environment in Oslo, concludes the Oslo City Court. Small girls are raped and robbed. Schoolchildren’s are threatened with death, robbed and assaulted. The Stovner-police is […]

14 April, 2006

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First up is Joseph Coles. This fine Des Moines nigger is charged with roughly 250 counts that translate into being a nigger, i.e., using his dick on watermelons, 40-ounce bottles, his own sort-of daughters. During this time period the victim was between 10 and 15 years of age. On two separate occasions, the victim became […]