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14 June, 2007

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Blacks can’t successfully manage a country. In fact, Blacks can’t even govern a city properly, e.g., Washington, D.C. under “home rule,” which was such a disaster that the federal government had to step in and take over many of the city’s operations [1]: [Article] [1] the deplorable state of the Washington, D.C. city government in […]

12 April, 2007

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Whoever’s behind this “svengalimedia” celebrating nigger-on-White depravity is running around the Internet spreading lies about Channon Christian. Svengalimedia If you can dig up any info on Leland Perkins, Svengalimedia, or anyone associated with the site, please post it.

5 January, 2007

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Niggers are the symptom, jews are the disease. Chiggers, viggers and kiggers (sliggers, in collective) are some kind of weird side effect. Jews force orcs among us at gunpoint – and we allow them. That makes us fools, cowards, and, eventually, extinction bunnies. What a way to go out. Let’s range about and collect some […]

29 December, 2006

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26 December, 2006

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A ruptured gasoline pipeline burst into flames Tuesday as scavengers collected the fuel in Nigeria’s largest city, killing at least 200 people. The death toll was expected to rise as rescue workers tried to document more charred corpses. Scores of bodies could be seen jumbled and fused together in the raging flames at the blast […]