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13 June, 2020

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The unintended Cohensequences of Marxists abolishing police departments: truckers won’t make deliveries to unsafe Black cities.

14 April, 2020

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Holy unintended Cohensequences, Moishe! Ya didn’t plan on that happening, did ya? No, ya didn’t. Many Americans already hated the mainstream media, even before Covid-19. But after the Great Coronavirus Scare of 2020, most Americans will really hate, and really avoid, the mainstream media. Look for most major media outlets (all of them Jewish-owned) to […]

11 December, 2019

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Well, all that Black winning must be just a, uhhhhm, Cohencidence, right? You know, an unintended Cohensequence of normal, natural diversity. Right? A flukewitz. Yeah, right, it must be just a freak eventfeld! So don’t Stern your mind about it any further, dude, because it’s all Goldberg and Silverberg, baby! Yeeeaaahhh! News quote: “This year […]