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3 November, 2007

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Let’s hope that this attitude spreads throughout Europe: [Article].

6 May, 2007

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[following is from email from Martin Webster] Dear Bob, Thanks for this story…… > Finland Cracks Down > by Baron Bodissey > > [snip] ……..which I run out in full below. The thrust of the story would seem to be that Finland has just enacted laws against “incitement to race hatred” in order to protect […]

30 April, 2007

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Check this shit: Brit writer spills the beans about The Greatest Generation’s post-Good War German genocide – naturally, theTelegraph jewhos soiled themselves in their haste to add the required mitigating language, lest they bring down the nose-shofarin’ wrath of “Lord” Janner: “After the atrocities that the Nazis had visited on Europe, some degree of justified […]

28 April, 2007

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“Homophobia” is an interesting word. It means that a non-homosexual is afraid of homosexuals – which usually isn’t true, no matter how repulsive a straight person might find an ass-burglar. And guess who coined the word “homophobia?” [1] [1] the word “homophobia”:

23 April, 2007

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by Michael O’Meara Tonight in Washington, Brussels, and Tel Aviv champagne glasses are being raised to toast the System’s triumph.

25 March, 2007

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New Labour’s Busted flush If anyone’s in any doubt about the craven capitulation and betrayal by the multicultural elite… “Since coming to office nearly seven years ago, Mr. Livingstone has become a symbol of the marriage of the European left and the Islamist right. It’s a marriage of mutual convenience and, at least on one […]

25 March, 2007

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By Michael O’Meara In less than a month, on April 22, the French will elect their next president. This election will weigh heavily on France — not just on the corrupt Judeo-liberal state that bears the appellation “la République français” — but on French France — the Gaulish, medieval Christian, racially white France — that […]

15 March, 2007

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21 February, 2007

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A White Nationalist Reading of Dominique Venner’s Le Siècle de 1914: Utopies, guerres et révolutions en Europe au XXe siècle (Paris: Pygmalion, 2006) by Michael O’Meara To recreate a new aristocracy is the eternal task of every revolutionary project. -Guillaume Faye At the beginning of 20th century, peoples of European descent ruled the world. They […]

17 January, 2007

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